Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere – Part 2

Published March 19, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

if you want to check out part one click here
Here is the process of turning my ribbon wall holder design and making it look good.

Photo of when in was just finished being made and still ugly.

So I grabbed me a tube of Basics (Liquitex Acrylic color) it was the only pink paint i had on hand. you can use cheap tole paint. the shade of the pink paint is: medium magenta. anyway so i grabbed my paint, a small paint palette (you can use wax paper instead) and a paintbrush.

…. and started painting the wood frame

… til all the wood that you would see from the front was covered in magenta. a look back on this project i would have painted the whole frame before nailing to the wall.

now i grabbed some black paper and double sided tape and started filling in the background

working from left, right then the middle til it was completely filled in. and looking fabulous.

the next couple of photos will show me applying a patterned paper on the cardboard with double sided tape again, making holes for the dowels to poke through on one side and slide down on the other.

This is the completed product with all the dowels and ribbons put back up. What a great project and for under $10

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