Pirate Skull Door Hanger

Published April 15, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

Today I designs and created a Pirate skull door hanger for my upcoming party. It is going to look fantastic on my door with a beware sign next to it.
Below is a sneak peak of the project completed.

To make my wall hanging I had to purchase 3 items that I didn’t have on hand. First was a clear tubing I purchased at home depot for $2.50.

I also used floral wire, purchased at walmart for $1.00.

and the last thing I purchased was a plant support at home depot for $2.99

Using the large circle wire off of the plant support. I bent the circle into a skull shape.

Now to make the bones that you need to attach to the sides of the skull before adding anything else.
Cut off a 12 inch piece of the clear tubing. then take one strip of floral wire and thread through the tubing. You should have about an inch hanging out of each end of the tubing.

Bend tube in half.

holding both sides of the tube, bend and contort your tubing to look like a bone.

Add the 4 bones to the skull frame by twisting the end wires around the frame.

It is now time to add more floral wire to the interior of the skull frame. I added circles for the eyes and lines for the teeth area.

I decided to use brown and white tulle to add color and dimension. I started on the eye sockets alternating the brown and white all the way around. Just make sure the brown is pulled toward the inside eye socket and the white is pulled outward.

Here I will show you how to make the teeth. I attached 3 straight lines across the mouth area. First tie the tulle to the middle line.

then tie it to the bottom line

last but not least tie it to the top line. remember to alternate the brown and the white when you are crossing.

After you finish the teeth, you will now need to fill in the remainder of the skull with white.

I made a sturdy backing with mat board. I laid the frame on the mat board, traced around the edge and then cut it out on the mat board. I needed 2 mat board for this and needed to wire them together.

Here is the final product. I will show pictures later on when I get the chance to hang it on my front door.

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