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Want 2 Scrap

Published March 30, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

Vendor: Want 2 Scrap
I loved this shop. as you will see in my photos i went bling happy. I had so many packages i was up to my chin carrying them around.
they were selling self adhesive bling packs.
they had baskets galore of bling. these were normally $3.00 and they were selling them for $1.00.
let’s say i was a happy girl.
here are some photos from there booth.

this is some of my haul laid out on my table getting ready to be organized and put up.

so to organize my bling better i made piles of the same colors and by overlaying them one on top of the other. as shown

i placed a piece of tape over the overlap area and continued adding until i had a pack of them all taped together.

I grabbed some of my alligator clips

and one of my black grid walls

and using my alligator clips, clipped the packs onto the grid wall. this will make it so much easier to find the bling i want to use. instead of shuffling through a box of them. another craft project for my office. i love to be organized

Lego’s – Pet Shop part 2

Published March 27, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

We finished the pet shop. Here are some pictures of the finished building. this one has 2 buildings. a pet shop and a apartment building.

here is a shot of the 1st floor of the apartment

This was the second story of the apartment. we had a little guy in there painting the walls ūüôā

the front of the apartment

balcony on the top floor, rear of the apartment building

ground floor of the apartment building. this building had a cellar door

this is the second floor of the pet shop. here we have a coffee pot, sink, stove, fireplace and a spot to eat

here are shots of the 2 buildings side by side.

Coming up: the Emporium

Shopping at the Scrapbook Expo

Published March 23, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

I had so much fun checking out all the cool vendors at the scrapbook expo. click Here

So I wanted to share with you all what fantastic finds I brought home. Today was my day to just mosey  around the convention checking out all the vendors and products. Tomorrow me and my sister will be given the VIP treatment and are going to be scrapping all day.

any whoo Let’s take a look at what I found.

Vendor #1: Eyelet Outlet – where I found some awesome brads – each pack was $2.50-$3.00

12 Retro Button Brads

12 Bottle Cap Brads

12 Gear Brads

12 Pirate Brads

12 Moose Brads

12 Farm Animal Brads

Vendor #2: Doodlebug Design Inc.
the bundle I bought

They gave out FREE catalog’s. I have already flipped through it and it has some amazing organization products and ideas for your craft room.

crushed velvet flock.. in the colors of lily white and bubblegum – $1.00 each

Boutique brads – limeade assortment – $2.00

pink flocked brads – $1.00

Craft Knife – black n white daisies – $3.00

Craft Mat … reversible self-healing double-sided – pink w/pink flower print on back – $3.00

Mini Brad Keepers – 12 bottles for $2.00

Vendor #3: Basic Grey
They have a great sale going on. a Mix n Match deal 1 for $2.00 or 3 for $5.00 so I purchase 6 different items for $10.00 each cost $1.66

Rub-Ons – 5 pages worth

brads in 6 assorted colors

which i have already placed in some of my new mini brad containers – I giddy about this one.

decorative paper clips

decorative brads – each larger brad came with a matching little one.

Vendor #4: Part Time Sally
They were selling echo park paper co. products
The stickers I bought were 5 for $1.00

21 sticker Little Boy Set

23 sticker little girl set

22 sticker Paris & Love set

Vendor #5: My Scrapbook Zone
all of there 2 page layouts were $6.99

Monster on Parade 2 page layout

“toaddly’ in love 2 page layout

Vendor #6: Out on A Limb
Their 2 pay layouts cost $6.00-$7.00

Lil’ Stinker – $7.00

Vendor #7: Want 2 Scrap
Bling Bling Everywhere and all for a buck

Marquis Rhinestones – Silver

black, light pink and orange flowers with swirls

Finesse Swirls Pearls – White, Orange & LeCreme
lines of white crystal

Spellbinders Nestabling in clear and black

Swirls : Pearl, light pink, bright pink, black and yellow

Set of dots: black, light pink, red, purple, bright pink, dark blue, yellow, light green, light blue, dark green, green pearl

Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere – Part 2

Published March 19, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

if you want to check out part one click here
Here is the process of turning my ribbon wall holder design and making it look good.

Photo of when in was just finished being made and still ugly.

So I grabbed me a tube of Basics (Liquitex Acrylic color) it was the only pink paint i had on hand. you can use cheap tole paint. the shade of the pink paint is: medium magenta. anyway so i grabbed my paint, a small paint palette (you can use wax paper instead) and a paintbrush.

…. and started painting the wood frame

… til all the wood that you would see from the front was covered in magenta. a look back on this project i would have painted the whole frame before nailing to the wall.

now i grabbed some black paper and double sided tape and started filling in the background

working from left, right then the middle til it was completely filled in. and looking fabulous.

the next couple of photos will show me applying a patterned paper on the cardboard with double sided tape again, making holes for the dowels to poke through on one side and slide down on the other.

This is the completed product with all the dowels and ribbons put back up. What a great project and for under $10

Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere

Published March 16, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

With the help of my sister we started building a ribbon wall unit. Here are some photos just keep in mind that it is not finished.

Supplies used were usps box, dowels, 4 pieces of wood, nails, hammer, staple gun and staples.

Tomorrow I will have more photos up and a step by step on how to make this and finish it to look good.

other than the price of the ribbon (doesn’t count on this one.) the cost me $9.20 to build.

here is the breakdown.

(2) pieces of lumber 1x2x8¬†¬† –¬† 2 for $4.48

usps box  РFREE

Nails, hammer, staple gun, staple¬† –¬† FREE (already owned)

(8) dowels .59 each  Р$4.72

Total: $9.20

here is a comparable option
this is a 2 dowel ribbon holder at $30.00 from Oriental Trading

My World of Customer’s

Published March 16, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

I have been wanting to do this for a while. I have had my etsy business for almost 3 years. I bought a fabulous map, mounted it on a white foam board. then I grabbed my etsy site and went one by one through my customers and stuck a pin in the city where they lived. it is so awesome. here are some photos of it.

United States Map

Los Angeles, California Area

San Fransisco, California Area

East Coast Area

Florida Area

Texas Area

South Area