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Masquerade Party Mask Invitations

Published May 30, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

Today I am going to share some photos of my newest invitation I recently made. They turned out so dang cute.

So start off with a basic mask shape and cut it out.

Once I had the base mask, I then traced it onto a piece of copy paper.

Now because I wanted to make sure they fit the envelopes I have for them. I took measurements and then drew a box around the mask so that I would know how much room I had to work with.

Here is the fun part, the design. I first drew it out in pencil. Then when I was happy with the design I drew it in with a black marker.

Once the drawing was complete I created a die cut for it and started cutting them out.
This mask had 2 layers of color. the first layer (which was done in lavender) was laid onto the base mask.

Then the 2nd layer (which was done in a dark purple) was layered on next.

Now you can go crazy or keep it simple. I took gold glitter glue around the eyes. (i know it’s hard to see this step), then added bronzed mica fragments over the right eye (this is made by stampendous) and last but not least added two rhinestones, one on each side.

Ok it wouldn’t be a real invite without a place to put all your info. So I cut out yet another piece which mirrored the base mask but bigger.

Glue your mask onto the white piece and fold over. You can now add your info to the inside.

Here is a shot of the final invitation. Isn’t it just lovely. I have had so much fun working on this one.

Making Fun Feather Head Pieces

Published March 22, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

Here is another project me and my sister made to wear at the upcoming scrapbook expo.. click here
I forgot to take a photo of me placing the largest feather onto the clip first. but with this photo you can see it from the other side.

then we start adding some smaller black feathers. Just take your glue gun and apply a line across the whole top of the click. then carefully but quickly start adding the feathers.

Continue to apply glue and then feathers until you get it to look like this.

Another thing I forgot to take a photo of was that we had taken the original bright pink feather and cut it in half. used the top half on the above photos and then the remaining bottom half we cut into 2 more pieces. as shown below.

We then attached these 2 halves into the sides of the bigger feather.

then we applied glue down the middle of the feather (only on the 2 halves we just added), and added more black feathers

Then came a big beautiful flower.

we added a big glob of glue onto the middle of the flower

and added a gem

flip it over add a generous glob of glue and then place and press in on top of the black feather circle we made above.

Finished product

Warning: be very careful while using the hot glue gun. here is a shot of a boo boo i received.