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Masquerade Party Mask Invitations

Published May 30, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

Today I am going to share some photos of my newest invitation I recently made. They turned out so dang cute.

So start off with a basic mask shape and cut it out.

Once I had the base mask, I then traced it onto a piece of copy paper.

Now because I wanted to make sure they fit the envelopes I have for them. I took measurements and then drew a box around the mask so that I would know how much room I had to work with.

Here is the fun part, the design. I first drew it out in pencil. Then when I was happy with the design I drew it in with a black marker.

Once the drawing was complete I created a die cut for it and started cutting them out.
This mask had 2 layers of color. the first layer (which was done in lavender) was laid onto the base mask.

Then the 2nd layer (which was done in a dark purple) was layered on next.

Now you can go crazy or keep it simple. I took gold glitter glue around the eyes. (i know it’s hard to see this step), then added bronzed mica fragments over the right eye (this is made by stampendous) and last but not least added two rhinestones, one on each side.

Ok it wouldn’t be a real invite without a place to put all your info. So I cut out yet another piece which mirrored the base mask but bigger.

Glue your mask onto the white piece and fold over. You can now add your info to the inside.

Here is a shot of the final invitation. Isn’t it just lovely. I have had so much fun working on this one.

Pirate Invitation’s

Published April 6, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

time to make some scalliwagging Pirate Invtiations
Here is a shot of the finished invitation minus my personal info. so where the white is you should add your address, date, time and either email address or phone number for the RSVP

Once I printed out all of my invites onto recycled brown card stock. I rolled one up and inserted into a empty water bottle. I also added some jewels in the bottom of the bottle instead of sand.

now to make a label. take one 2 1/2 round circle, a design (I chose to use the same ship image as on the invite) and a 2 x 8 1/2 in strip of paper.

cut out the image (ship) and glue it onto the circle. I then took a black marker and drew a circle on the circle and added marks.

Attach your circle to the end of the strip of paper.

then i used my Scotch Advanced Tape Glider and applied 3 lines down the back of the strip continuing onto the circle.

here is a closer look at that process.

Now grab your bottle and starting on one side, apply the strip all the way around the bottle until the 2 ends connect.

I used Natural Jute;s 3 ply brown twine to the top of the bottle to finish her off.

Here you go. a finished pirate invitation in a bottle.

there be bootie in that there chest

Published April 4, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirates life for me.
Today I made a pattern for a pirates chest. here is the finished product. it looks so cute. it is about 3 inches high and 2 1/2 inches wide
Front view

back view

it took me a little tweaking to get it right.. here are a few examples.

here is the final pattern and I added wood grain to the sides that would show.

then I plunked it down on my copy machine, put in some light brown card stock and printed the bad boy out.

I can’t wait to fill it with goodies and bling it out with some jewels.
So I guess it’s not completely finished. I will post pictures later when it is all shiny with jewels

How to Bling out a shirt

Published March 21, 2012 by pinkpossibilities

As I have said in previous posts, me and my younger sister are attending the scrapbook 2012 Expo here in Sandy, UT this Saturday. We wanted to make it a fun day, get dressed up and also represent pink possibilities. So here is a step by step on how we blinded our black v-neck t-shirts out. We first taped out a rectangular box on the front of the t-shirt which would help us keep the wording and design straight. (and in a proper place for a women’s chest area)

We chose to go with white crystals for the wording and pink ones for the pig face you will see later on.

First things first was testing out a few possible choses for the 2 capital “p’s”. we both designed our own (which are the following 2 shots)
this one is hers

this one was mine

after looking at both of them we designed and choose this one to be the winner.

so after placing the 2 capital P’s We had to figure out a way to line up the remainder of the letters and still be remotely straight and stay within the space.
I took to long pieces of masking tape and overlapped them. I then wrote with black marker on the non sticky side.

then flipped it over so we could place the stones.

by placing the stones upside down or color side down. we would be able to turn the whole word over and place on the shirt where it needed to go.

We did the same trick with the pig head.
First drawing the design on the non-sticky side.

then placing facedown the pink stones

once you placed all the stones. using a q-tip spread your glue on the back of all the stones

flip over and place onto the shirt where you would like it

make sure you press down for a minute or 2 before trying to take the tape off.

slowly and patiently start removing the tape.

then we made a pretty pink bow, added glue to the knot and placed on the pigs head

Next we wanted a little more bling. so decided to add some stars with stones from an old costume jewelry necklace I had.

here is what the necklace looked like before i started cutting it apart. it was already missing some pearls. so this was a great way to recycle this piece

I grabbed my pair of wire cutter

and started cutting the links apart

this is what the end result looked like

Final Product. Now it just needs to sit for 24 hours for the glue to cure. We were so excited with the end result.